Thursday, 27 August 2009

Art Deco Floral Hip Tattoo

I did this tattoo a while back for a Welsh customer who works in the theatre and shares my love of stylised Art Deco flowers.
This was her first tattoo so she was slightly terrified on the day but all turned out great as you can see...
She was up in Edinburgh for the Festival so came by to say hello and let me take a photo of it all healed up and lovely!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Art Deco Cherry Blossom Geisha Tattoo in Teal and Pink

Saturday morning was spent putting the finishing touches to the cherry blossom geisha tattoo pictured here. This is what you might call one of my 'signature geisha'. All of the geisha tattoos I do have an Art Deco stylised look to them - some more than others, this one very much so - which is enhanced even more by the teal/pink/black colour.

Be Bop a Lula Photos

Here are a couple of photos that were taken by one of the cast of Be Bop a Lula, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe show my rockabilly husband is playing live guitar in.The photographer is an American actor called Ron Geren - he plays Buddy Holly/Satan in the show (we're suspecting he's more naturally Satan than Buddy Holly.... Thanks Ron!)The photo of me makes me look like I'm part of the painting behind me - it was taken at the 'meet and greet' party last Friday - Paul and Dan were in mid acoustic jam at the time.

And this is my lovely husband tuning up his Gretsch before the show - (he did great!). In this photo he would appear to be in Grande Quiffe Setzer Stylie!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Japanese Dragon,Cobra Geisha and Jigsaw...

Last few days have been spent slaving over a combination of hot drawing board and overheating tattoo machines... ...last night had takeout Japanese food (life is hell) and worked on LATE in the studio.
So - stopping earlier tonight to meet my friend Ev (or Aussie Cookie as we know her - pictured above with the cherry blossom/sakura/peony tattoo I did for her) cos she wants to see Quiffy (my hubby - Paul Paterson - ) playing his geetar in 'Be Bop a Lula' so he got us comps for tonight.
Been neglecting my photo duties a bit too- yesterday I took a snap of the chrysanthemum tattoo above -it's part of a piece that stretches from left knee to right shoulder and incorporates some old tattoo work into the design as well.

This is the Japanese dragon thigh piece I started a couple of weeks back - today I tidied up the upper lines, added black background and some sumi grey shading work.

The beautiful and talented young lady pictured here is Kirsteen A.K.A. Boobie Trap Corsets. ( The first tattoo I did on Kirsteen was a geisha pinup on her calf - then she travelled up from Norwich a few times to get the green cobra geisha and skull roses you see in the pic.
We're now working on turning the cobra geisha arm into a full sleeve - so while she was up in Edinburgh today we did some planning and measuring - and I'm going to come up with something suitably bright yet Japanese influenced featuring flowers and fans - with possibly the odd skull thrown in for good measure!
Have ordered a jigsaw to start cutting out frames for some of my bigger paintings - ha - should be suitably dangerous!
Am also currently drawing up a large design with a chrysanthemum on a fan, a samurai sword and LOTS of cherry blossom. For a change. Gorgeous.
Anyway - gotta look a bit less 'work-like' for Pauls show - so Bye!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Art Deco Geisha and Veiled Spanish Lady...

Last night was at a cocktail party 'meeting and greeting' the cast and crew of 'Be Bop a Lula' - it's a show from LA that's in Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe - and my lovely hubby is musical director (and playing live guitar) for the Festival version. Thankfully I'm not drinking these days - cos we both had to get up early today - Paul for rehearsals and me for 2 big tattoos...Today was a 'finishing tattoos' kind of a day - in the morning was Junior, with his technicolour art deco style geisha. He already had an existing tattoo on the outside of his upper arm -you can see the background clouds from this on the right hand side of the photo, so we put the geisha on the inside of his arm to create a half sleeve.
He's obviously happy with the results because now I'm going on to draw an equally stylised and brightly coloured phoenix for his forearm - which will end up as a full sleeve.
This afternoon I got to put the finishing touches to one of my favourite tattoos - Mays Spanish Lady. May originally asked me to design one of my 'signature' geishas for her right shoulder - but, since she's very Spanish I asked if she would mind if her lady was Spanish instead of Japanese. We both loved the resulting design - and once we do a proper photoshoot you'll be able to see just how much the tattoo lady resembles her beautiful owner!
I've got several such photoshoots planned for my new website - now all I need is 27 hours in the day to get the time to create the 'settings' and get them done!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Flame Geisha with Sakura

This is another Japanese style sleeve which has been ongoing for quite a while - it's owner was working as a chef and now as the kitchen manager for Hard Rock Cafe - which means that finding time to get tattooed, and particularly to heal, hasn't been easy. But she's looking lovely nonetheless! The grey flames at the top of his arm were already there so I put more further down the design to make them part of the finished sleeve - hence her name of Flame Geisha...
Today we worked on the forearm as much as possible -it's insanely busy here in Edinburgh at the moment with the Edinburgh Festival being on and it's a bit easier trying to run a busy kitchen if you can actually bend your arm - so no elbow coverage till holiday time kids!!
The entire sleeve will be in shades of grey, pink and red - but we've sneaked in a blue cherry blossom. Just because we could. And it looks great.
I did start the zombie ice cream tattoo as well but we're waiting for the colour to be in that before I take the photo - and that will have to be another day cos Ms Ice Cream has been averaging about 3 hours sleep a night of late, so wasn't up for a long tattoo sitting.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sakura Geisha and Koi with Maple

The beautiful geisha pic above is a tattoo I did on the lovely Linda a while back - the tattoo was done over a few sittings - partly because it is so detailed, especially the kimono fabric, and partly despite the fact that Linda is something of a trooper, it really is no fun having your ribs tattooed!
She'd booked herself in for an hour this morning - so we started on the background - which as you can see from the photo will be covered in pink sakura and possibly a few sumi grey branches - but not if that's going to look too busy.
The sakura look quite harsh because they've just been done, but the idea is that with their pink outlines they will 'sink' into the background once they settle down, leaving the geisha to remain in the foreground as the focus of attention.

This afternoon was spent doing a couple of hours on Michaels koi and maple sleeve. The first colour I put in this tattoo (in the maple leaves at the top) came out a little faint - but we've resolved that and the next lot of colour and shading in the koi have come out great - so it's onward and upward - just as koi should be!! I'll leave the maple leaves for a little while before skimming back over them to 'soup them up'!
I'm in the process of designing the inside of this half sleeve - with a large scrolling chrysanthemum flower and some loose petals floating in the water. The flower will be oranges into golds and yellows, sticking with the hot/autumnal colour palette against a background of sumi grey and black.
Talking of the background - I'm thinking of making it really dark - so the grey and orange koi, red and orange maple, and golden chrysanthemum will really stand out against it once it's all settled down.
Till tomorrow then - when we should be seeing a sakura geisha sleeve with fire and the aforementioned zombie ice cream!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

3 day escape to Ben Nevis

Both of us have been working crazy hard in recent history - so we had kept this past weekend sacred - no band gigs, no tattoos, no nothing (which wasn't easy cos everyone seemed to want us to do something that weekend) - and we took off to the Highlands camping.
Which in itself is pretty amazing - cos camping isn't something we generally (for that read ever)do - the only time we've put the tent up previously was the one time we didn't stay in a hotel when Paul played the Americana Festival.
This camping trip was dreamed up when we were in Japan in April - we were standing looking out over Lake Chuzenji and talking about how beautiful Scotland is and how we should really make more of an effort to get out and see our own country... we are! And we're not bad 'campers' (!) either, we've discovered.
It did us the power of good just to stop for those 3 days - I'm now back tattooing away again.
Today I drew the background for a Japanese chest piece - it's the last section of a half bodysuit I've been working on over the last year or so - the main features of which are koi and sakura - definitely some cool pics of that to come. Then I traced a leg for a huge coverup featuring more koi and sakura in shades of blue - very Art Deco and stylised for that one.
This afternoon I started the daisy legpiece with Art Deco writing - a photo of that one after the next (final) session.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Japanese Koi Carp Sleeve Tattoo

A couple of weeks back I forgot to photograph the start of Alby's sleeve, as I'm not quite into the swing of this blogging thing just yet!
I posted the design anyway - but this time - yey! - remembered to do the digital camera thang and here you see it.
This was sitting number three - by the time we're done there should be six or seven koi (I don't like many even numbers but six is fine for some reason....), and they will go from brightly coloured at the wrist to the wee sumi grey one at the top.

Albys lovely wife is in on Tuesday to start some Art Deco daisies and writing on her calf, in memory of her Gran.

This afternoon I'm finishing the design for a coverup which will involve covering most of the clients upper arm with Tibetan style flowers - mainly peonies. (What is it with people from Dundee getting peony tattoos anyway - and that's not a complaint!). Will post pics of that once it gets started cos it's a pretty drastic change from the existing tattoo!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Stylised Pink Deco Sakura Tattoo

This tattoo, featuring very stylised pink sakura flowers with interconnecting buds and leaves runs all the way from right shoulder to right big toe - encircling her entire body as it spirals downward! We're currently at her calf - the outlines went on this morning - so only a couple more sittings to go before what should be a very beautiful and spectacular photo shoot.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Did this very cute 'Dad' tattoo on Kats foot this morning - traditional stuff isn't something I do much of these days but I can be talked into it if it involves muchos kawaii nonsense ( I refer you to my earlier blog involving zombie ice cream and some very kawaii bat sweets...).
Foot tattoos are notoriously painful but she did great - and is booked in for 'Mum' on the other trotter in about a month.
At the other end of the spectrum - finished this guy this afternoon - we're gonna do the usual 'get a decent picture' routine after it's all healed up and settled down.
After all that excitement and a yoga class to unwind am well knackered - so off to sort out stuff for tomorrow before I keel over.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Super Sushi!

Eek! Been too busy to keep up with my new-found blogging hobby....

Saturday morning involved colouring in the tail of a dragon that goes from knee to armpit - that one's been on the go for a while! Then had someone come in to check their design I'd drawn - cherry blossom (no really) and bamboo to go up her side - all A-OK so now booked in. Very Pretty.

Then came a consultation for more koi carp - a guy from Kent who wants koi and flowers surrounding his calf - should be beautiful but have to behave and add it to the end of the drawing list!!

Sat evening was spent with my gorgeous hubby at a birthday party for my pal Radio 1/Scotland DJ Vic Galloway - his lovely partner Lexi had invited us all round for sushi (height of civilisation - she'd made loads and it was fantastic!) at their flat before Vic DJ'd the night away at a local bar.

Sunday was one of those 'do the million things you never get time to do' days - the ones that normal people seem to do all the time...

And finally today was a full-on drawing day to try and catch up - two flowery legs and yet more (blue) koi - started designing a coverup with them.

Bored yet?

I am with the sound of my own typing so off to get on with it. Over and out.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Cherry Blossom Geisha with Sword

This tattoo started with a flurry of cherry blossom on the clients shoulder as a coverup for a tiny first tattoo.
The cherry blossom turned out so pretty we've gone on to add the geisha, which I just finished this morning,and next sitting we're starting on the inside of the arm to make it a half sleeve.
The design for that includes an owl, a rose and a horseshoe - not what you'd generally expect to find with a geisha but that's half the fun and the design looks great (though I do say so myself...).

Thursday, 30 July 2009

From Art Nouveau to Zombie Ice Cream

Yesterday was a geisha day - getting close to finishing one of my 'trademark' geisha tattoos in my equally trademark colours of pink and teal. That one should be finished at the next sitting so we've arranged to leave time to take some decent photos at that point (which should be in about 3 weeks).

I also talked to the lovely Sarah from Electric Cabaret (an alternative clothes store up the road from me) about designing her a zombie ice cream tattoo (with added bat sweets, naturally). Started the beautiful art nouveau lady above this morning - yet another cracking amount of outlines!
Last but by no means least found the artwork for one of my old business cards I thought I'd show you - come to think of it should really put some of the new ones up too...
Off to draw - more later.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Japanese Dragon Lines

Started this dragon on Richie this morning - the eventual plan is for full-colour - blue dragon, red 'trimmings'....
It's only his second tattoo, but he sat like a star - so I got pretty much all the lines on in one, which is great going cos this critter fills a sheet of A3!
Was supposed to be doing final tidy-ups on a floral sleeve this afternoon but half the guys work are down with the 'flu right now so that's another one for another day.

What that means is a LARGE mocha coffee before some serious drawing then a yoga class to
unfold from tattooing hunchback to relatively upright...

Monday, 27 July 2009

Saturday evening and a good chunk of Sunday were spent making these babies. Looks more like a cake decorating class than painting/ sculpting. But it's all part of a cunning plan. Well two, in fact.
Stopped painting things pink in the nick of time to get ready for Donna and Johns Wedding.
Meant a late night and have two big tattoos am working on today so it was a sober one!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Have been at it again. Was on the way to my studio, innocently seeking out pink gift wrap to make origami fans (for a website photoshoot,as it happens). Found yet more pink and geisha-covered stationery. Since 'everything more pink and sakura-covered than everything else' is my number one design rule - it just had to be done. I'll consider them inspirational materials.
This lovely fishy design is part of the plan for 2 sleeves. Sleeve number one has five koi swimming upstream, going from full colour at the bottom, to the sumi grey you see pictured at the top. In keeping with the Japanese story, once the koi are complete, there will be a dragon on the other arm. I've just started this tattoo, today was sitting number two - so expect some pictures of the actual sleeve materialising in the not too far distant future.
I was supposed to be tattooing again this afternoon, adding flowers to an existing foot tattoo - but my customer has really bad flu symptoms (scream 'swine flu' everyone!) - so we both agreed it was better all round if she didn't come in.
Going to get on with chipping away at my enormous drawing list for a bit, then this evening either start on the aforementioned origami fans, or continue painting some more of the modelling clay blossom I'm making to decorate the frame of one of my geisha paintings. A lot more on those babies soon too...

Friday, 24 July 2009

Sakura Stationery

En route to the studio this morning I picked up a whole load of stationery decorated with cherry blossom designs... ...the blurb on the back of the folders says its a tribute to the Japanese Hanami (cherry blossom viewing).
One of the advantages of having a girly tattoo studio which specialises in Japanese style floral designs is that I get to buy all this stuff and call it work...
One of the disadvantages is I still have to do the accounts to fill the folders...

Dragging my ass into the modern age...

Since I'm totally new to this blogging carry-on, there will be a lot of experimenting going on... learning how to upload images and wotnot - so bear with me!
As someone who generally hates having her photograph taken, it made sense for my first ever post to include one of the few pics of me I really do like - my Dad took this one of me and Paul in the wedding car he hired for us about 10 minutes after we just got hitched. Yey!