Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Farewell Anchor Tattoo

I've been tattooing 'Japanese Paul' for a couple of years now - his Art Deco style Japanese Sleeve Tattoo was featured on my blog quite recently, but I'd already done him a few tattoos before that. Now he's finished his degree (in Japanese , appropriately enough!)and is off back to Tokyo to work and study. This tattoo is to celebrate him getting his degree (A First with Distinction , no less)- so I sent him off with a Venus Flytrap Tattoo T-shirt to fly the shop colours in Asia, a bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum (the old recipe, not the new one...), and what looks to be a cracking bruise developing in his elbow! (Ouch- bruises like a peach, that lad!)...

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Geisha Backpiece Tattoo in Progress

This is the tattoo from 'Saturday - Part Two'.
This tattoo was originally designed to go on the right hand side of Alastair's back... but once the right hand side was complete he decided to go ahead and make it a complete backpiece.
There's still some way to go - patterns on her kimono fabric, the wisteria (top left) is to be coloured, and the screen has maple leaves on it... ...but she's starting to come together well now.

Lotus Tattoo with Ampersand, Orchids and Cherry Blossom

Just finished this very pretty tattoo on the inner forearm of Naomi,who also happens to be the daughter of my shop manager! It's kind of strange tattooing someone you've known since they were born (!)- but she sat great and the tattoo turned out lovely. Will get a pic once it's healed to better show all the colour gradations.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Learning to Blog from my iPhone.

Yet another step forward into technology - learning to update my blog on the move!!

- Posted from my iPhone

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Japanese Dragon Tattoo in Blue

Two posts in one day - man I'm getting overenthusiastic.... Posted the lines for this tattoo almost a year ago to the day - and here it is finished. Richie came in to get me to zap over a couple of tiny patches in the lower clouds... ...probably caused by rubbing against his clothing while healing. Took a few minute to fix - and now he can show off the perfect version with pride (when it's healed anyway!).

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo with a Twist (of Lemon)

This tattoo has been ongoing for a couple of years - partly due to the fact that the client, Paul, studies Japanese and disappeared to Tokyo for an academic year... ...we actually met up with him when we were over there last April so he could show us round.
The original list for his design contained a huge number of ideas - as is often the case with tattoo designs I had to persuade him to whittle them down to a few less- but the 'contents' list is still fairly impressive: Mercury, milk, honey, tarot symbols, coins, a man's hand holding a wand, a woman's hand holding a peach, several jewels, a pomegranate, flowers, bees, a cup of green tea with a slice of lemon... all rendered in an Art Deco style against a less than traditional background of floral kimono fabric in sumi grey.Great fun And now it's done. You can see some of Paul's other Japanese inspired tattoos on my facebook page 'Venus Flytrap Tattoo'

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Koi Carp tattoo with Cherry Blossom

Just finished this very pretty little koi and sakura tattoo on Kerry's ankle. Whilst colour tattoos will always be my first love, the longer I tattoo the more I appreciate black and grey work. As with a lot of things in tattooing - it's really pretty easy to do up a a certain level of proficiency - and insanely difficult to do well!! I'm becoming obsessed with how dark backgrounds should be relative to foregrounds (or vice versa!) - and how to contrast areas of great detail with very simple areas or negative spaces. Fascinating stuff. The tattooing voyage continues....

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Japanese Style Tattoos - Photos from Australia

Just went into my email to find a whole load of photos from Jamie, a long-distance customer from Australia. He'd promised to send me some pics of the tattoo work I'd done on him, and here they are -
complete with added sunshine.

The first piece I did on Jamie was a fox (Inari) and rabbits against a traditional grey background. The upper half of his arm was already tattooed - so I drew the fox design to match his existing work and not create a 'join' halfway down his arm. The cherry blossom and the background are not drawn the way I would normally do - but in this piece continuity was obviously important so I adapted them to suit. I think this result works much better than a 'tattoo of two halves' would ever have done.

When he came to get his next tattoo from me, Jamie pretty much gave me free rein - he said he wanted a rabbit sitting at the waters edge looking down at a turtle which was swimming up towards it, and cherry blossom (always a good thing to add in my book!) The tattoo is to celebrate the birth of his beautiful baby daughter, Darcy.We did the tattoo in two longish sessions and one finishing session - because he was travelling halfway round the planet time was of the essence! I liked the way the 'underwater' effect worked out so much it's appeared a few times since in other pieces I'm drawing up.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Paul Paterson Gig at Elvis Shakespeare

Finished work early today to go and see my lovely husband, Paul Paterson, play a set of rockabilly, surf and blues for the 5th Birthday Party of "Elvis Shakespeare " Bookshop here in Edinburgh.

It was a really rocking gig, and as you can tell from the photo, everyone including the band had a great time.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Geisha Rockabilly Pinup with Cherry Blossom

Spent most of today waiting in for workmen... ...but not to be deterred I drew up the design for some red cherry blossom which I'm starting on Monday - they'll eventually trail from mid back over shoulder and down her arm - but they're pretty detailed so outlines on shoulder blade should keep us occupied day 1!

Once I'm done writing this, I'm gonna get on with making tiny paper chrysanthemums and origami insects for a headdress to be worn by one of my backpiece customers for her photoshoot.

So why the 'rockabilly' geisha photo? - Because after tattooing lotus flower and cherry blossom) tomorrow I'm running home to get changed and go round to Elvis Shakespeare bookshop on Leith Walk here in Edinburgh - where my lovely husband Paul (Paul Paterson) is playing a live set of blues,surf and rockabilly for their 5th birthday party around 6pm... ...Rock'n'Roooollll!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Sleeve Design

Just finished this design for a Japanese style dragon sleeve tattoo - the colour of the dragon (teal green) and the choice of flowers (forget-me-nots and red freesias) is not very 'traditional' in the Japanese sense - but the overall effect is great!
This will be a long term project and I'll post pics of the different stages as we go.