Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Geisha Inner Arm Tattoo with Red Carnations

Just finished this lovely red and black lady, off to do some serious drawing!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Japanese Tattoos on an Autumnal Theme

Seems to be that without trying deliberately, the theme of tattoos in the studio this week have all been very autumnal - koi,maple leaves, reds,oranges and rusts... wonderful!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Art Deco Freesia Tattoo

Drew this tattoo for Kate a while back - but then life got in the way of her being able to get it done. Not to worry - she finally made it through to get tattooed this week, and we both agreed the result was worth the wait! She wanted me to draw her a spray of freesias in an Art Deco style, which took a bit of getting my head round at first, but once I got a handle on how I wanted them to look, I really liked the end result.

Red and Gold Geisha Tattoo

Fiona told me she would like one of my 'trademark' Art Deco geisha tattoos, but wanted the colourway to be taken from the beautiful costumes and headresses from an assortment of Chinese films, hence the reds and golds as a palette and the small creatures in her hair combs.
I took this photo on finishing the tattoo but it doesn't really do it justice, but I've been promised a healed up photo via facebook when it's all healed and lovely!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sword Geisha and Persephone Sleeve Tattoos

Been away on a short break to Cornwall which was fantastic - beautiful scenery, great folks, and pastys, Cornish ice cream and cream teas. Local beers were pretty good too. But now am back to the tattooing with a vengeance - above is the first sitting of Joe's Art Deco style Persephone sleeve, based on the Rosetti painting. Soon she will be surrounded by summer flowers and wintery trees.
Also shown is Valerie's sword geisha sleeve - with the owl and horse - shoe on the inside of her arm. Latest additions include butterflies and more cherry blossom on the back of her shoulder.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Farewell Anchor Tattoo

I've been tattooing 'Japanese Paul' for a couple of years now - his Art Deco style Japanese Sleeve Tattoo was featured on my blog quite recently, but I'd already done him a few tattoos before that. Now he's finished his degree (in Japanese , appropriately enough!)and is off back to Tokyo to work and study. This tattoo is to celebrate him getting his degree (A First with Distinction , no less)- so I sent him off with a Venus Flytrap Tattoo T-shirt to fly the shop colours in Asia, a bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum (the old recipe, not the new one...), and what looks to be a cracking bruise developing in his elbow! (Ouch- bruises like a peach, that lad!)...

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Geisha Backpiece Tattoo in Progress

This is the tattoo from 'Saturday - Part Two'.
This tattoo was originally designed to go on the right hand side of Alastair's back... but once the right hand side was complete he decided to go ahead and make it a complete backpiece.
There's still some way to go - patterns on her kimono fabric, the wisteria (top left) is to be coloured, and the screen has maple leaves on it... ...but she's starting to come together well now.